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A good mobile responsive website is the first step when you start your online business. During the web designing process, various electronic files are collected that includes color, image, graphics, layouts, media files, fonts, and coding. Then they are linked together to determine website prospects.  

Designing a responsive website is important because visitors can find what they are looking for using any device such as mobile, tablet or PC. Web design involves many disciplines and skills for developing and maintaining web sites. Likewise, the demand for web developers is increasing every day largely due to the increasing popularity of e-commerce and mobile services.

If you are looking for an affordable responsive web design company in India for your business online, then you are just in the right place. As a leading responsive web design agency, we use advanced skills and techniques to provide responsive and high-quality websites. Our experts, at INA Webtech, have years of experience to improve the website performance and design. So, if you need to do the business online, then you can get in touch with our web designing services in India. 

Benefits of Creating a Mobile Responsive Website for Business

In this digital era, every company increases its potential reach by creating websites and contacting many target customers online.  As the number of smartphone users having access to internet increased over the years, Google now sees a whopping 51% searches from a mobile device & for your information, Google is the most preferred search engine on any mobile device having over a massive 95% market share.

A mobile website can play an important role between your business and your customers. It represents the business value to the people and enhances the brand reputation all over the world.

Without a website that can load on any device and give a better user experience, any company can lose a great chance to acquire a new customer. Here we have listed below some of the benefits of creating a mobile responsive website for your business in India.

Brand Consistency

One of the effective benefits of it is brand consistency. A good business website can enhance your brand with time. Your brand consists of fonts, colours, phrases, and logos that make your customer excel in your business. So, if you create a website for your business, then it can maintain brand consistency so that your customers can interact with your company more often. Here at INA Webtech, our web design team helps you to create a website and maintain a clear brand for your company.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the key factors for your online presence to build additional trust in your customers. A well-designed, mobile responsive website also plays an important role in the success of your SEO campaign.

Google has introduced a new algorithm that allows you to incorporate the convenience of website design exams into the exam when you rate and index this page. The design of certain responsive websites layout offers sufficient space for mobile screens and is better placed in search results.

Increase Audience through the Website

A mobile website design services can help you create a website that can be easily accessed using any handheld devices with the best flexible layout design for optimum conversion. This ensures you to reach more potential customer since more people have access to the internet using handheld devices than desktop.

A well-designed website is very useful for your potential customers because they recognize your brand locally and globally.


Navigation is an important part of the responsive website design. Ask your responsive website design company to implement this.

Website navigation includes a navigation bar that distinguishes pages from shared websites. Good navigation is easy to find and easy to understand and can spread throughout the website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool which provides you with all the important metrics and insights of your website which are crucial for your online marketing and generating sales or leads. This tool shows you how users interact with your website.

Google Analytics Report can help you better understand the value of best web design, from displaying website traffic details to the most popular pages among your potential customers.

These are the benefits of creating a website for your company. If you are searching for a responsive web design company in India, then you can contact us.

We are counted among one of the best Indian web development company currently. You can get the best responsive web design services as per you desire in no time.


Our Responsive Web Design Workflow

When it comes to responsive web design in India, it is very important to work with companies that know how to do things. We have a systematic process that provides you with a successful outcome and an atmosphere for participation. We work together on this project.

Read our web design and web development process below to learn more about the steps involved in implementing your website.

Step 1- Discovery

We want to know everything about you! Part of our orientation process is filling out the discovery questionnaire, asking a few questions about your company or organization, and giving you information about a website that you like, a website that you have, and more. We will plan the first conversation accordingly and execute the process as per your desire.

Step 2 – Design

Now the fun starts here. One of our web designers uses the information that you have provided during our discovery process and on the board to create a design specifically for you. You will receive instructions on typography, colour, and responsiveness of the device as well as full-page homepage concepts for checking and input. This is a collaboration, so we want to hear your opinions and receive your feedback and input throughout the process.

Step 3 – Development

After completing the design of the website, it’s time to build.  We take your finished concept and make it a working website. After completing the process, you will receive a personal URL that you can check and test on your new website. This way, you can test it on all your devices, check that all links and buttons work, and make sure you like the layout of the images and content.

Step 4 – Content

The website is only complete when each page contains content. We hope you work hard in step 1 through 3 to prepare content for step 4. Your customers come to the website for a reason. So you want to make sure you have answered all your questions! Content is very important for any website.

We take your content and put it on every page so it looks good and is easy to read.

Step 5 – Launch

After finishing all these steps, now it’s time to get started. This means that you have tested and approved your website and are ready to change it in real-time throughout the world. We will do all the technical work in this process – uploading it to your server, making it live and making necessary errors. Now the website is launched.

This is the website design and development process at INA Webtech

The INA Webtech team ensures that all the websites we design are up to date with search engine updates so that the customers can easily reach your business.


Why Choose Us for Responsive Web Design Services in India?


Whether you want to create a professional responsive website or improve an existing website, our specialists make attractive web designs and keep you up to date. The search for a reliable and inexpensive service provider ends with us. Our service team, At INA Webtech, consists of qualified and trained web developers who are always ready to help you to improve your business. We use many advanced techniques that can meet all your business needs.

Contact us and share your project ideas. Based on your ideas, we create a website that is a masterpiece. If you are worried about service fees, we recommend that you do not worry about the problem. We take care of you and therefore offer high-quality services at the best prices.

To create impressive websites, we also have the most creative ideas. Our specialists have years of experience in creating websites for your company’s various needs.

Our team of experts use many platforms for web design and development such as Word press, Magento, Custom eCommerce shopping website design, classified website designing, etc.

We are one of the reputed responsive web design company in India that not only creates creative websites but also promotes the websites through ethical SEO services.

Contact our web designer at INA Webtech to get an expert opinion before creating a mobile responsive website.


Platforms Used for Responsive Web Design & Development


Our team has good knowledge of the complex aspects of web applications. In this way, our development team strives to develop and design professional websites for end users. We use the latest software and technologies to customize the website below:


WordPress –

WordPress is an open content management system that runs on MySQL databases and PHP. It creates unique blog pages. It offers a plugin to expand the site’s functionality. By using the various themes, you can also easily update your website. You can also use WordPress to display your website in the top 10 Google results.

Laravel –

Laravel is a PHP framework that is used by web developers for flexible web development. It takes less time to develop any web application. It is mainly used and is the latest free web application framework. This is used to create a very sophisticated website that requires a lot of time and money.


PHP is an open-source programming language which assists in developing and designing your website. Moreover, it also creates dynamic pages and applications.


Magento –

Magento is a broad platform for eCommerce and open source technology. It is a very powerful marketing tool for search engine optimization. An easy-to-use and personalized functional platform offering a variety of stylish plugins and themes to create a unique online store.


Custom –

Custom technology is more than a way to improve the images, themes, fonts, and colour scheme of the website. The process involves understanding and learning your business and then implementing strategies to create a successful online presence. You can easily engage the target audience on your website with this.


Codelgniter –                   

Codelgniter is a very strong PHP framework which helps to create a full-featured website and web applications. It is a very small footprint. Using this technology you can easily develop your website.


React –

React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. It can be used as a basis for developing one-sided or cellular applications. Moreover, it helps the developers to build big web applications without reloading the page.


Angular –

Angular is a JavaScript-based open-source front end web framework. It is mainly used to create desktop web applications and mobile applications.


Node –

Node is an open-source, multi-platform runtime environment that allows developers to build all types of server-side tools and applications in JavaScript. The runtime must be used outside the context of the browser.

A web designer is a person who is technical, creative and utilizes both attributes to create or redesign a website. Web designers make sure your online presence is attractive and easily viewed on mobile devices.

The cost price to build a website for the business may be less than $1000 or more than $10,000.

The number of pages depends on your products or services that you want to promote online. Basic pages such as Home page, About us, Contact Us, Privacy policy, terms and condition should be there.

A website will take 14 weeks from start to launch. It includes minimum 3 weeks discovery, 6 weeks web design, 3 weeks development, and 2 weeks modification.

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