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Cloud computing is the provision of computing services such as storage, servers, and others on the Internet. Cloud computing is basically different from hosting. With cloud computing you can easily access the data from the remote server. Hardware, software, and environment are the same machines for hosting, but they are all different for cloud computers. hardware is different and the location is different. Cloud technology enables IT resources to be reused to store large databases, develop and host complex applications, and expand computing power and services on demand. Companies and people are currently running the “cloud path” with amazing effects! Cloud infrastructure increases organizational flexibility like never before.

If you are looking for reliable Cloud services in India, then you can come to Cloud computing services in India. INA Webtech enables companies across India to move to the cloud by meeting their business and IT goals and creating an optimal cloud environment for their complex needs. We offer a personalized approach to building infrastructure that supports productivity, scalability, and enterprise security requirements using the hybrid, private, and cloud platforms. Our strong internet service providers have helped us become one of the most trusted cloud computing providers in India in no time.

Benefits of Using Cloud Services in India

Cloud computing offers many advantages for your company. You can use it to create a virtual office to connect flexibly to your company anytime, anywhere. With more and more devices supporting the web being used in today’s business environment access to your data is easier. Below we are going to list most of the common benefits of cloud services in India that will help you to improve your business:


One of the most important benefits is scalability. Cloud computing allows direct scalability of infrastructure capacity according to business needs. This is like having unlimited IT resources that can be enlarged and reduced to meet customer needs.

Cost Effective

Cost effectives are the biggest advantage of cloud computing. It helps you to save significant investment because physical hardware investment is not needed. In addition, you don’t need trained hardware support personnel. Cloud service providers buy and manage devices.


Another important advantage is accessibility. Many factors enable globalization, and technology and high-speed Internet are the key. With the cloud, companies can deploy applications throughout the world to serve their customers with a fraction of the cost of a traditional brick-and-mortar business. When using this application, customers get a good experience due to lower latency.

Increase the Speed

Businesses must be able to instantly improve their cloud capacity by accessing bandwidth requirements from certain cloud service providers. When business demand increases, a company can increase computing capacity and the availability of IT resources at the push of a button. This capability increases the efficiency, productivity, and flexibility of a company, enables experimentation with new ideas and thus offers competitive advantages and the ability of companies of various sizes to disrupt the market.

High Security

High security is another advantage of the cloud services. The full-time cloud hosts carefully monitor security. This is far more effective than traditional internal systems, where companies have to divide their efforts into countless IT-related problems, just for security. And while most companies don’t openly consider the possibility of internal data theft, the reality is that a very high percentage of data theft occurs internally and is done by employees. If so, it is actually much safer to store confidential information from the site. Of course, all of this is very abstract. So let’s look at solid statistics.

Increased Collaboration

Cloud computing makes collaboration a simple process. Team members can easily and safely view and share information on the cloud platform. Some cloud services even offer areas for social collaboration to connect employees in your company with each other, thereby increasing interest and engagement. Collaboration can be possible without cloud computing solutions, but it will never be as simple and effective as that.

Disaster Recovery

In the digital world, disaster recovery is important for all sizes of businesses. Investing in local disaster recovery is now in the past. Especially it assists small companies and large companies to save time and effort during this exercise.

These are the most important advantages that you can get by using the Cloud services on your business. If you are searching for the best cloud services in India then you can contact us. We are counted among one of the best indian cloud companies presently. Our professionals at INA Webtech have years of experience to develop your business.


Why you should go for Cloud Services?

The list does not end here, one should opt for cloud services due to its addtional benefits. Here are some of them listed below:

• Multi-tenancy
• Provides advanced online security
• Provides resilient computing
• Offer you low cost software
• Web based control and interfaces

Types of Cloud Computing Services in India that we are Providing

Cloud computing is usually explained in two ways. Either based on a cloud service or a deployment model. The most three widely and common cloud services are:

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud-based model where virtual infrastructure is offered and managed by external cloud providers for companies. With IaaS, companies can data space, servers, cloud components, and outsource cloud-based storage that are connected to the Internet and provide functionality similar to local infrastructure. Our team of Cloud providers in India from INA Webtech, provides this IaaS service for your business.

Platform as a Service

Platform as a service (PaaS) is built on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Here, cloud providers provide computer resources for cloud software and hardware infrastructure components such as middleware and operating systems, which are needed to develop and test applications. In a PaaS environment, cloud users can install and host business intelligence, development tools, and data sets with the exception of maintaining and building the necessary hardware.

Software as a Service

SaaS is special because it includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS). The service provider gives the full software package as a payment model to use. SaaS enables users to access the software apps like e-mail via the Internet.

Types of Cloud Deployments

Three types of cloud deployments that our Cloud server provider provides which are listed below:

Public Cloud

The public cloud is a SaaS service which is offered to consumers via the Internet. This is the most economical option for consumers, where service providers incur bandwidth and infrastructure costs. Despite their freedom of care, scalability, high reliability, and lower costs,when needed, public cloud is not suitable for companies with confidential information because they must comply with strict security rules. With strong telecommunications, INA Webtech offers India’s most reliable cloud infrastructure that supports your business with more flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

Private Cloud

As the name suggests, private clouds are used by large companies to build and manage their own data centers for specific business or IT requirements or processes. It provides more flexibility, scalability, and personalization, while increasing the security of business operations. Government agencies and big and medium-sized financial businesses usually choose private cloud.

It is designed for your specific security, performance and compliance needs. It offers a physically isolated business layer cloud, but it is easily scaled to run your very important business applications. With your choice of hardware and network nodes, INA Webtech allows you to create a cloud that is fully integrated with special controls to meet your data management needs in a highly structured and flexible consumption model.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private clouds that provide companies more flexibility while controlling important processes and resources, combined with increased flexibility and cost efficiency. Thanks to the hybrid cloud architecture, companies can use public cloud when needed, because the workload can be easily migrated. Companies can use public cloud to launch high-volume applications such as email and private cloud for sensitive resources such as finance, data recovery, and during scheduled maintenance and demand growth.

These are the cloud services that our providers are providing. As a leading Cloud computing services in India, we offer the best services for your business needs. Our experts are able to handle all the situations that you face. So, immediately connect with Cloud services India.

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