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Big data is a combination of unstructured, structured, and semi-structured data that is collected and retrieved by organizations for information and can be used in machine learning projects, prediction models, and other sophisticated analytic applications. Systems that process and store big data have become a common part of data management architecture throughout the company.

Most companies struggle with trillions of bytes of data every day and try to develop information management strategies that can speed up the flow of insight. This makes their big data decisions much more difficult and increases implementation and maintenance costs. However, big data engineering is not about using every bit of data from every source, it’s about making smart decisions that accelerate business growth.

If you are searching for big data analytics services for your business, then you can contact us as soon as possible. At INA Webtech, our team can design and implement big data programs that are well designed in many areas and focus areas. We help our customers understand the size and will of the platform, and at the same time develop big data engineering skills to enhance their vision and value.

How Big Data Is Changing Business Growth?

Big data continues to offer new ventures in the world of technology. In the last two years, big data has changed the perspective of companies and the way they store data. This allows manipulation of large amounts of data and receives 2.5 trillion bytes of data every day. This number will only increase in the future.

Scientific analysis and big data have changed the direction of marketing strategies and paved the way for companies to grow and benefit. We are entering the digital era of this decade and Big Data Analytics is the latest digital technology to perform extraordinary tasks in real-time.

Every company, regardless of size, produces data. This can be customer information, employee data or even sales data. Regardless of what type of data you have, it plays an important role in improving the quality of your service. Here are some ways big data is changing the face of your business today:

Enhanced Business Intelligence

Business intelligence tools are designed to assist in analyzing companies. BI and big data go hand in hand. They complement each other in business operations. With the data insights that drive most companies and businesses, there is much to be expected in business intelligence. The bigger the BI area, the better the business.

Better Targeted Marketing

When talking about big data, it’s about examining the benefits that data manipulation can produce. With the use of big data, targeted marketing has become something of the present and the future. Through targeted marketing, the company is able to achieve its long-term goals with efficiency and excellent results. Companies can meet the needs of their customers with high accuracy and develop their marketing strategies more effectively. The level of marketing and customer satisfaction increases significantly, which leads to better sales and higher income.

Satisfied Customers, Happy Customers

Companies serve customers at all times; Satisfied customers are loyal and satisfied customers. But how do you ensure that your customers are always satisfied? Simply put, the company must do anything to meet and work to meet the needs of its customers. To track your customer’s needs, there are only two ways to move forward: either waiting for customers to respond and expressing their needs or anticipating their needs and working to improve customer service. Big data helps with the latter; If a company can understand the needs of its customers, it can get enormous benefits from better customer service and a satisfied customer base.

Driving Efficiencies within Internal Processes

Data is the basis of every business; It is important to create efficiency in your internal processes. By increasing efficiency, companies can gain momentum and achieve great success in their daily efforts. The idea is to maximize profits while taking into account customer needs. By using big data, the process can be made more efficient without affecting customer service requirements. The idea is to achieve a balance between business needs and customers to steer the business in the right direction.

Cost Reduction

Big data is well and good to give the business information needed to reduce the costs. With this science of forecasting, observing past trends and forecasting events, companies can predict events and develop strategies in accordance with the resources and requirements provided. Cutting costs is a long-term goal and cannot be achieved in a day or a week. must be planned for a certain period of time, taking into account past trends, future events, and customer behavior towards a certain improvement. The idea is to provide the right cost standard so that cost reduction is no longer a fairy tale, but an established practice.

Big data is new. Companies and governments are still considering how to deal with rapid changes in our world. Savvy business owners are ready to make huge productivity gains if they play the cards correctly. So, if you want to take your business to the next level then you can reach Big Data analytics services in India.

Advantages of Big Data Technical Solutions for your Business

Data plays a major role in understanding valuable data about the target group and customer preferences. We create new data from every active or passive interaction with technology that can describe us. When properly analyzed, this data can explain many things about our life events, our personality, and our behavior.Companies can use this information for business strategies, product improvement, and marketing campaigns to reach their target customers. Here are some of the advantages of Big Data technical solutions for your business:

Increase the Efficiency

The use of digital tools increases the efficiency of your company. With tools such as Google Maps, Google Earth and social media, you can do many tasks at your desk without spending travel expenses. These tools also save a lot of time.

Compete with Big Businesses

If you use the same tools as a large company, you are on the same foundation. Your business will become more sophisticated by using the tools available to you.

Improve the Loyalty and Sales

The digital footprint that we left shows a good idea about shopping preferences, trust, etc. Digital footprint is maintained when your customers surf the web and post on social media channels.

Hire the Right Employee

Recruiters can search for candidate CVs and LinkedIn profiles for keywords that match the job description. The recruitment process is no longer based on how applicants look on paper and how they are felt personally.

In this competitive business world, the benefits of big data cannot be underestimated. Big Data offers endless services on the market today. When used correctly, big data can produce significant results. Nearly every company switches to Big Data Analytics for various reasons. This helps them to strengthen the overall growth of the organization.

When large amounts of data are generated periodically, you cannot underestimate its value. When used properly, big data analytics can be beneficial for amazing results. It gives you the strength to achieve the impossible. If you want to use the Big Data analytics implementation on your business then, we are ready to help you to develop your business.

Advantages of Big Data Technical Solutions for your Business

At INA Webtech, our team of big data scientists have a broad range of expertise and experience in the strategy and implementation of big data turnkey solutions. The core team focuses on developing innovative data-intensive technology solutions. We have expertise in big data tools and processes to extract the correct data from the data sets that companies collect every day.

Our specialists have implemented big data analytic solutions for leading companies around the world. We offer a comprehensive service that allows you to use the power of your big data analytics as a service. They include the following Big Data it services:


Big data consulting services from INA Webtech simplify the analysis of large amounts of data from various channels such as social media, customer interaction, and connected hardware. Our comprehensive advice proposal, combined with industry-specific  processes ans skills, helps to improve data-based business solutions, simplify data decryption, and shorten time for opportunities.

  • Use case identification
  • Big Data strategy Defination
  • Idea to implementation

Architecture & Design

When data is stored and processed, the appropriate data architecture ensures that data is processed efficiently. The INA Webtech Data Architecture team ensures that the logical layers of these data components are well defined and that appropriate models or configurations are available to help you optimize data intelligently.

  • Data modeling
  • Hadoop Cluster setup
  • Cluster capacity planning

Stream Analytics

INA Webtech offers stream analytics to reset real-time processing. Garner’s insights from data flow are generated from sources of despair and time of the event. We implement innovative solutions to help you:

  • Scalable data processing and storage
  • Real-time Ingestion

Data Management

Our team  manages and processes raw data daily and quickly to ensure that companies can spend valuable time on tasks that are very important. Our big data consultants not only free you from the pressures and risks of managing large amounts of data without poor quality supervision, but also prevent their negative impact on business value. Our compliance with our privacy practices ensures that your information remains safe and confidential at all times.

  • Implement Data Lake and data warehouse
  • Data ingestion development
  • Hadoop administration and support

Big Data analytics service providers offer large data and analytics services to strengthen your IT base and use new growth-enhancing functions. The INA Webtech helps companies improve operational efficiency and reduce risk with enterprise data solutions.

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