Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI

Artificial Intelligence:

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science whereby the use of intelligence a machine can visualize, does speech recognition, think and do the decision making just like a normal human do.

Artificial Intelligence technology:

Siri is one of the most popular AI technology used is the iPhone and iPad. It helps you to do the daily routine work. To make Siri smarter it is used with machine learning. Some other technology options are Netflix, the online video platform that uses viewers reactions, interests and choice and based on that gives suggestions.

Artificial Intelligence devices:

Artificial Intelligence devices not only limited to mobile but move towards car technology too.

Tesla is one of the best examples because the car is built with the self-driving feature, predictive capabilities of any casualties.

Flying drones is also an artificial intelligence technology with the help of machine learning does product delivery, video making or news reporting.

Advantage of Artificial Intelligence:

With the help of Artificial Intelligence people can do their daily tasks without any delay with the help of Siri. Tesla can drive home safely and so on.

Artificial Intelligence in India:

Top Industries in India in IT sectors for AI Applications is in Agriculture, Healthcare and Education.

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