What is Internet Of Things?

What is IoT?

IoT or the Internet of things as a concept is used to connect different physical devices such as mobile and sensor devices with the help of internet connectivity. The best example of IoT is Amazon Alexa and also Google homes which make the smart home and the concept is to maintain an easy life at home. Latest IoT applications used are Smartwatch, Smart Home Apps, Smart door locks, Smart Bike locks, Smart city Connected Health Smart Farming, etc.

How IoT works?

We can communicate with the IoT integrated devices as the components of IoT is Hardware, Software and Communication and the data transfer is two directional which means the gadgets can use our data to analyze the problem and give us the best possible solution. The benefits of IoT in today’s world is not only limited to ease the life at home but also in the medical field as IoT enabled sensors used to monitor Blood pressure, weight and also the temperature of the patient and sent the on-time reports to the doctors so that doctor can monitor the health of their patient.

The top recent IoT project is the connected cars which are going to launch by IBM Watson and this company said that it will launch 30 billion connected devices by 2020. Apart from that, there are some other latest IoT projects in 2019 which include IoT based ICU patient monitoring system, IoT based the weather monitoring system, IoT Heart Attack detection, and Heart Rate Monitor, IoT based car parking system.

What are IoT platforms?

The three layers of IoT architectures are Application, Network, and Physical layer and the IoT platform sits between the Application and Hardware. The three layers are also considered by IEEEP2413 as the fundamental of IoT.

Some of the top IoT companies are Altiux, IBM, Fuginex, HCL Technologies, HP Enterprises, etc.

IoT companies such as PG&E uses smart meters. With the arrival of connected cars, anyone can drive home safely without any accident as the cars will contain sensors. If a person or ice came in front of the car then cars will give a signal to the driver to stop the car but if the driver fails to stop the car then the car will stop automatically. This is how the IoT companies like IBM Watson and Honda and Telsa are going to change the world for better living.

How IoT works in Business?

IoT helps in the growth of the business too as smart shelves with integrated IoT notify the vendors automatically when the stocks need to be refilled again due to low quantity. IoT based sensors and video camera will help to maintain the equipment for security reasons.

This is how IoT is changing the world in the field of business, medicine, and automobiles, etc.